The Instagram Chronological Feed Is Back

Hey y’all. Your girl is back . Like she never left *hides. Life is so unpredictable hey, I used to question why other bloggers would leave their blogs dormant for years but I became that blogger over the past year

A Positive Recap of 2020 | The Truth About Being an Influencer

It seems just like yesterday when we were doing the #dontrushchallenge out of lockdown boredom. A whole year has actually gone by. 2020 is actually done. Definitely the most challenging but feels like the shortest one too. Anyway, at this

Book an Airbnb Apartment for Self-Care, Babe!

Many of you may or may not know that pre-covid I would regularly check myself into an airbnb for a few days of alone time but since Covid-19 showed up, I’ve been confined to our house and I honestly wasn’t