Book an Airbnb Apartment for Self-Care, Babe!

Many of you may or may not know that pre-covid I would regularly check myself into an airbnb for a few days of alone time but since Covid-19 showed up, I’ve been confined to our house and I honestly wasn’t taking it well any more lol. I was dying to just get out and be alone so when we got into lockdown level 1, I made sure I would get some time alone. With precaution of course. I love my family but I was tired of spending time with them 24/7, catering to them, and not being able to have sufficient self-care time.

So, a few weeks ago, I got to spend some time at a beautiful Airbnb apartment and I had some well-needed and deserved rest. As I type this blog post, the girl’s skin is glowing, the heart is full and life is generally much better than it has been the last few months. I actually needed this weekend to not only rejuvenate but to get myself in a more creative space and it really helped.

On arrival at the apartment, we had a hustle free, contact-less check-in. The security guards were quite nice and helpful even though we arrived later than our initial expected arrival time. The apartment is pin code secured and the owner sent the code to me as soon as we notified her we were by the gate.

Of all the apartments that I’ve booked before, this one was so comfortable and very airy. They really paid attention to detail when they put this place together. You have all the kitchen utensils you need even if you want to cook. You have beautiful glassware and exquisite cutlery. Should you need to do your laundry, they provide you with washing powder and fabric softener and the apartment comes with a washing machine even though they have a laundry service in the complex. If Eskom decides to cut off electricity, there is a portable rechargeable light. Attention to details!

I have shared a video of the apartment on my IGTV so if you would like to see how relaxing, clean, calming, and neat the apartment is, click here.

You can have a look at more pictures of the apartment and book here. You can also get a discount if you are booking on airbnb for the first time by clicking here.

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