The Instagram Chronological Feed Is Back

Hey y’all. Your girl is back . Like she never left *hides.

Life is so unpredictable hey, I used to question why other bloggers would leave their blogs dormant for years but I became that blogger over the past year and I can safely say that I now understand why sometimes people need that much time off. I might share why and how my time away from this platform was but for today let me give you the tea that we have all been asking for for years from Instagram.

What You Need to Know About the IG Algorithm

A few years ago, IG decided to change their algorithm which basically distorted how posts were shown on our feeds and made it difficult for us to keep up to date with our fave’s posts. A week or so ago, they announced that the chronological order is back and everyone was over the moon because now we can all stay up to date with our faves even if you spend all day at work with your phone out of sight.

For those who might not know, having a chronological feed means that catching up with your faves is much easier now because each time you go to your feed, posts will be shown with the most recent right at the top and you can scroll down to find out what your favorite accounts posted while you were not online.

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