5 Tips | How to Start a Blog in 2021 From Scratch

“People do not read anymore,” the lie we have been made to believe about millennials but I beg to differ because my blog’s stats show me something very different from what the world believes. So, today I’m sharing tips on how you can start a blog in 2021 and get people to read your content.

Find Your Passion

As profound as people try to make the search for one’s passion to be, you can easily figure out the things you are passionate about by paying attention to everything you do or what people consult you on. Whatever you do with ease but brings you the most joy is the thing you should probably pursue.

If you already have a social media presence, listen to your audience. People always ask you questions they feel you are the best at answering so why not make that your blog content.

Domain Name

A domain name is the web address of your website. That’s the url people search to get to your website/blog.

Once you have a name in mind, I suggest registering with Afrihost. They can help you register your domain at a once off payment and they can also host your site. Since I started blogging they have been hosting my site and I haven’t had any problems. They also host emails and to me that is ideal because I don’t have to be contacting different companies should I ever have a problem with my website.

Do the Work Before Launching

Have a few posts ready to publish on launch day so that people have lots content to consume. Publishing a few blog posts on the day of launch will give people a good idea of your style of writing as well as the content you will be sharing and if it grabs their attention they will definitely be coming back for more of your content over time.

Join Communities

Growing a subscriber base on your blog isn’t any different from building a community on IG, Podcast or YouTube. Consistency definitely plays a part but being a part of a community and interacting with other people in that community will always bring in reward. I know I personally suck at this because of the many things that require my attention but I always see the results whenever I invest more time in this

Cross Promote

Cross-promotion is a marketing tactic for expanding the reach of your brand, product or services.

You can use your different social platforms to expose your audiences to your blog. So, if you are on every social platform, use all those platforms to share your work.

Remember, whatever you share, whether you are sharing it to educate or entertain, you have to make sure you like it because you will only be able to stay consistent if you create content that you love.

4 thoughts on “5 Tips | How to Start a Blog in 2021 From Scratch”

  1. Loved these tips so much. I think I’ve followed most of the tips here. Now I’m jsut trying to build my audience slowly but surely through interacting in communities. I’m also trying to figure my passion and align that to want my audience needs. Thanks for your time and effort in putting up this blog post.

    1. You are welcome Yuri.

      Glad you found the post useful. Wish you all the best in growing your audience and community.

  2. Hi Vennesa thank you so much for these tips . Simple and feasible,I have been postponing to start but I think now I can do it .

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