A Positive Recap of 2020 | The Truth About Being an Influencer

It seems just like yesterday when we were doing the #dontrushchallenge out of lockdown boredom. A whole year has actually gone by. 2020 is actually done. Definitely the most challenging but feels like the shortest one too. Anyway, at this time of the year, everyone has/is taking stock while planning for the year ahead- myself included. That’s what grown-ups do!

I thought I would recap on how good the year was for me and hopefully, I’ll get to know how it was for you in the comments.

The same way, I’m planning right now is the very same way I planed the previous year. Despite that, we ended up spending more than half the year indoors, and somehow I’m not discouraged. You would think after spending a few months incomeless (the part of Influencing that we don’t share often) I would take a back seat especially with another strand of Covid emerging, but nope, we don’t do that over here. Setbacks are just that, setbacks. You are better equipped to navigate them if you are well planned so if you’ve been discouraged, get your pen and paper and put some goals on paper and plan ahead of time.

This month (the very last month of the year) I aired a campaign with my first luxury brand.Yep, I was over the moon. Even though I always envisioned my first luxury collaboration to be with a fashion brand, GH Mumm was perfect. This was certainly the highlight of my year. Now hoping for some Dior and Chanel collabs. I mean, I will be fine with just being on their PR List at this point lol.

Influencer Guide by Vanessa Chilimanzi

In this very same year, I also released my first book, Influencer Guide and it sold across the world. You can get a copy here. I also relaunched my accessories line and started a new press-on nails business so for me the year was bad but it was also really good. It pushed me to do everything I had always wanted to do even if it meant going out of my comfort zone.

As diffficult as the first few months of the pandemic were, by the time lock-down restrictions were eased in September, I managed to get back to work as usual and here we are planning and hoping for a better 2021.

It wasn’t the best year but my 2020 is definitely a story of stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing my potential.

I’m not oblivious to the reality of many people who were negatively affected by this pandemic however, there is always good that comes out of every situation and its important to highlight those positives in order to stay grateful.

Please share some of the positives you encounters during this difficult year.

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