What to Do During Your First Brand Collaboration

Nothing makes me happier than hearing that you guys are finding success by using my products and help.

Since I published my first ebook last year, I’ve been receiving so many successful DMs and emails from a lot of the readers. I shared an email template that many people are using so I definitely do a victory dance whenever someone reaches out to me sharing their success story but I realized that after the whoop! whoop! and the few minutes of celebration most people don’t quite know what to do so today’s blog post will help you with your next step in brand collaborations.

Be Polite

Whether its a campaign or not, keeping it cute and polite is always a good idea because people love people who use “please” and “thank you.” Do not boss people around. You are an Influencer, not the Queen of the world. Humility will always take you further than anything else in the world. No one wants to work with anyone who feels and acts entitled so always remember to be nice and polite to those around you.

Ask Questions

We’ve all heard the saying, “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” If you don’t understand the terms and expectations of your work, ask until you understand.

Don’t Be On Time, Be Early

Once you know the deliverables expected of you, do not wait to deliver on the very due date no matter how much you convince yourself that you work better under pressure. Make an effort to submit your deliverables ahead of time. This allows you to be well prepared and deliver exceptional work.

In addition to this, I have shared two more things you can do to ensure you secure a second collaboration on the podcast episode below.

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