Things to Do While Self Isolating

I am currently sitting at my desk, watching a YouTube video by Grace Ajilore. I loooove her videos. Her energy is everything. Before I sat down to write this blog post, I made myself a cup of lemon, ginger and honey tea- this has been my evening routing for a few weeks now. With the whole world facing the Covid-19 pandemic, I have really had to keep my routines quite tight in order to have some sort of order in my life and stay sane.


Lately, I have been putting a lot of order in my life. I recently shared a video of me cleaning out my wardrobe and that was a very relaxing therapeutic experience. I have been working from home for a while non and naturally, I am a home body but being confined to our yard involuntarily hasn’t been going well for me so I find that when I clean it helps me calm the anxiety I am experiencing from social distancing.

Read a Book

Reading does good to the mind. I personally believe that there is no other way to enrich one’s life or mind but by reading and gaining knowledge. Right now is the best time to read on topics you may not have gone out of your way to learn a few months ago. I am personally constantly expanding my knowledge on how to make it big on social media and I have this book that I have always recommended. If you can get it, please do and your social media game will surely change.

Plan a Vacation

We all miss the good old days when we could book an Airbnb and get on a flight across the world for a few days to relax. Okay, I am totally dreaming because the last time I was on an international flight was long ago but that’s not stopping me from planning a local trip. This gives you something to look forward to instead of focusing on how this social distancing is affecting you emotionally. Use that internet sis and plan your life after Covid-19. Here is an Airbnb discount code for you.

Get to Know Someone Better

I have gotten to know a lot of my Instagram followers a lot more and I must say, most of them are so like me and it makes sense why they are part of my gang lol. If you are like me and you have never tried online dating, you might as well try it. I am about to open an account with one of these apps. I used to swear that I would never explore online dating (joke is on me). Now that we can’t be outside, how else would I meet my King? hahaha Make the time to know someone even if it’s a family member, there is always something to learn from everyone around you.

Learn something New

What better time to learn something you. Thanks to YouTube and these countless online courses. You can literally learn anything online. I am currently learning to apply eye lashes and how to wear color eye shadows. There are a lot of YouTubers uploading content these days Why not make use of it?! You can learn how to cook bake, dance or create TikTok videos.

Those are my tips to help you cope during this pandemic. Share some of the things you are doing during this period. Hope you are staying safe.

xo Vee

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  1. Hey Vee, thank you for the post. l was actually waiting for it. I’m on it and l can’t wait for the next post.

    1. I really hope that it’s useful hun 🙂 Can’t wait publish the next one. I might just start posting twice a week.

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