Blogmas #7 | The Product I Spent Most of My Money on This Year

The skincare product I’ve spent most of my money on this year has to be face masks. Not the ones that shield us from the spread of Covid-19. Hydrating sheet masks in particular. It goes without saying, most women have

Blogmas #5 | Year-End Fatigue. Is It Real for Everyone?

Whether I’m on IG or Twitter, everyone is talking about year-end fatigue and I’m sitting here wondering if this is a real thing because I don’t seem to be feeling any of it. I don’t know if it has to

Blogmas #4 | Being a Bossbabe – I Have a Press on Nails Line Now

If I could own this #bossbabe title without having to do any work I would be the happiest girl alive. lol. Anyway, I launched my press on nails line ( @vc.luxenails) on Black Friday after contemplating on it for the