Blogmas #7 | The Product I Spent Most of My Money on This Year

The skincare product I’ve spent most of my money on this year has to be face masks. Not the ones that shield us from the spread of Covid-19. Hydrating sheet masks in particular.

It goes without saying, most women have associated face masking with relaxation and self-care and I am no exception.

I’ve always been a clay mask kind of girl but since the launch of the Garnier Moisture bomb last year I’ve been sold on sheet masks. I shared my Garnier sheet mask in the video below.

This year when the virus had us locked up, I started masking frequently and I tried out a lot of sheet masks after running out of my usual clay masks.

I have always believed sheet masks are overly hyped and I still believe so. However I still really love and I will always vouch for a hydrating mask on any day because those are the ones I use the most and love. I’m always chasing the glow. Personally, I don’t really see the benefits of only using a sheet mask unless I’ve used clay or a peel-off mask to remove impurities prior.

My money went to good use though,my skin hasn’t been problematic for months.

What has been your experience with sheet masks?

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