Blogmas #3 | It’s My Birthday and I’m Spending the Day in Bed


As I type this, I can feel my whole body feeling weak and I’m struggling to fall asleep because this is what happens when my period starts. When I checked Flo about a week ago I felt so defeated when I realized that my period would be starting on my birthday. To be honest, I didn’t have anything special planned except for a solo breakfast and a pedicure appointment.


Anyway, we are here now and I’m spending my day in bed, taking nurofen for the pain.


I couldn’t finish typing this yesterday. The pills knocked me out and I spent my whole day catching up on NCIS Los Angeles in bed. The most chilled birthday I’ve ever had but I don’t even regret it. I am generally a low-key person so nothing here was out of the ordinary. I wish I had something to at least show you guys but we’ll make a plan to go for brunch on one of these days.

Before I go and nurse myself for the rest of the day…

I had an interview with Afrobloggers and we basically talked about my journey as a Blogger/Influencer. If that interests you, you can read their article here. Show them some love.

Love and Light!

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