Blogmas #5 | Year-End Fatigue. Is It Real for Everyone?

Whether I’m on IG or Twitter, everyone is talking about year-end fatigue and I’m sitting here wondering if this is a real thing because I don’t seem to be feeling any of it. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that during lockdown I had no work and now that the country is somewhat back to normal I am so eager to work again and I feel zero fatigue.

Today I particularly feel very energetic. I literally woke up EARLY this morning and I’ve done some product shots for @vc.accessories, I’ve created enough content for a week for my personal for tomorrow. Yep, fatigue is far from me.

But first, coffee!

Are you guys feeling it?

The funny thing is two years ago when I was working normal hours I was always so tired by the time we got to November which makes me think that, the way I’m feeling this time is due to the fact that I am actually enjoying what I am doing and this isn’t to say everyone else who feels fatigued doesn’t enjoy their job. It’s just different for me this year and I love the space I’m in.

Maybe all this energy will run out by the time we get to Christmas. We shall see.

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