You Want to Be Re-Posted by brands?

I was typing the final chapter to my book (that I know you are going to love, lol) and this just came to mind. So, I thought I would address it and keep it 100 as always. Okay, before I carry on, if you want to be in the know when I drop this Influencer book just click here and you’ll be added to my mailing list.

I don’t want you to feel bad while reading this because we have all done it lol. Actually, I think by now we all know that when your sis started blogging she had no clue what she was doing or what direction this thing was going but at some point the whole Influencer thing took over and it led me down a desperate path (lmao) I used to be so desperate to get noticed by at least one brand and well, I did all the wrong things that anyone in a desperate situation does. Thank God it didn’t take me too long to land my first paid brand deal (feel free to laugh with/at me) lol.

Anyway, after a while I realized that the brands noticed me but they wouldn’t re-post. We all know being re-posted gives you a confidence boost and some assurance. Those re-posts also come with some traffic and new followers. I was after that lol. I mean, that’s why we use our coins to buy these products in the first place. We want some form of return on our investment.

Here is the tea!

If you are looking to be re-posted, you sure need to purchase products, do your homework and know what you are talking about and recommending to people’s kids on Instagram. This gets you likes and some attention from brands. It sure worked for me.

But the cherry on top…

Don’t tag competitive brands on one post. Brands are like people, we all want exclusivity and attention so give them the spotlight. Be loyal and be all about them. Now, I’m not saying go broke, purchasing every brand’s products but I’m definitely encouraging you to know your fave brands’ competitors and refrain from tagging them all in one post.

If you are a beauty Influencer and you don’t know your faves’ competitors, take a trip to Clicks or Dischem and take a look at the brands that are shelved next to them.

You are welcome!

4 thoughts on “You Want to Be Re-Posted by brands?”

    1. You are welcome hun. Glad you found it informative. Wait till you read my ebook that’s launching at the end of the month ❤️ you will def love it

  1. Woah just read this..and wow you really kept it 100 with us ..Thank you..My second bible from now 🦄

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