Three Fashion Rules to Break

All rules are meant to be broken! And fashion is meant to be a creative outlet so if the rules are restricting, break them.

Fashion is about allowing yourself to express your feelings, emotions and personality.

We have all been governed by certain fashion rules which frankly do not make sense if the point of fashion is to express who we truly are.

Instead of following fashion rules, I am sharing a few “rules” that you should break and you should break them without any guilt at all.

Matching handbag, shoes, and belt

I am one for a monochromatic look but being too meticulous can make your outfit look boring. Accessorize your outfit to show off your personality more than anything.

No white after labor day

It does not matter what time of day you wear white as long as you feel confident, comfortable and certain that you will be able to keep it looking clean.

Sparkles are only for the evening.

As long as your outfit is cohesive in texture and you feel good about it, go ahead and do you!

Have you broken any fashion rules before?

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