The Pressure to Achieve and Please

I wanted this to be an Instagram caption but, I realized that I wasn’t going to articulate myself well in just a caption.

I believe, over the years I’ve been very honest with you and I plan on keeping it that way. So, as you read this post try not to judge but read with the intention to learn something and live a purposeful life.

Just a few days ago, I shared a thread on twitter. I shared it because I felt I had been in a very dark place, And, like every other human being, I decided to share it at a time I felt I was making my way out of it. I’ve only been on this earth for 30 years but I know that the few lessons I’ve learned and situations I have been through can certainly help another individual. It is my purpose to help and pave a way where I feel a way is needed.

I am certainly a person that a few girls look at and assume my life is always “perfect” and I can’t blame anyone because you only see my curated life through a camera lens. I doubt that I have to say this but, no one has a perfect life. What we perceive to be perfect takes a lot of disappointment, doubts, break downs, and strength to keep it all together.

On the 30th of July, I published my first ebook, and as ecstatic as I was, my brain wouldn’t afford me a moment to celebrate. It quickly went into overdrive searching for the next bigger and better thing to achieve.

Instead of taking the time to celebrate my little victory, I slipped into a little dark place where I was searching through every business idea that I have suppressed over the years trying to figure out which one I should tackle next and before I knew it, I was losing my sense of self. I attached my purpose to the temporary high of achieving something. All those congratulatory messages, positive feedback can easily become addictive especially when you haven’t had anyone cheer you on in a while.

I felt like I needed to do something else to experience that happiness high consistently. Dopamine is dangerous lol. Because I had dedicated the month of July to finish my book, I fell off my routine. I lost connection to my inner self. I attached my value and purpose to my book and every other idea that I’ve had and now felt I should execute. This is something they warn you about in business lectures but I just never thought it would happen to me. No, I didn’t think I was more special than other people in business but I just thought I was well in touch with my inner being therefore nothing would ever make me lose that connection with my inner self. haha, what a joke!

The need to keep achieving, to please and feel “valued” and “valuable” can be dangerous.

I decided to take a few days to myself and now that I’m back and ready to make right every part of my life, your girl has never felt better!

Don’t be a prisoner to your followers, family, loved ones, etc. You only have this one life to live and you better live it on your terms.

10 thoughts on “The Pressure to Achieve and Please”

    1. I hope you do keep reminding yourself. It’s important to take time out to celebrate, relax whatever. It’s okay to give yourself time out and focus on you. Thank you for reading 🙂

    2. Thank you so much for sharing Sis,I have learnt from you in the short period of time and I know it does not only ends there… It is up to us what we will do with the information you share with us!!!Thats were the beauty lies…with the implementation of what I/we have learnt. This is incredible!!

      1. Thank you hun for always being present and willing to learn. You know it. Without implementing, you are basically wasting your time, “learning.”

  1. Are you me? I feel so seen. I have gone through something similar after releasing my book this May and some of the things you say here are stuff I think and thought too. Except instead of other people, I was the one giving myself a hard time. This was a really great, relatable post! 😄

    1. Congrats on your book! please direct me where I can have a look at it 🙂 These are things most of us go through and someone has to say it otherwise we will ll die inside thinking the problem is unique to us alone. Really glad you found it relatable.

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