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Over the past few months, I have been drawn to some bright colored lippies which are totally out of my comfort zone. Being a loyal nude lipstick lover and all,  this color thing is new to me but, if I can say so myself, I think I have warmed up to it quite well


(The lipstick in the pic above is from another brand, not Hues & Tones)

Gone are the days when all I would reach for is a nude lipstick. Spring/Summer 2018 has come through with a whole new Vanessa and I am super excited to share all my lippie boldness with you all.

Firstly, you don’t need to rely on the big brands only for a quality product.

Hues & Tones is a company owned by two ladies, and they are providing a product which can give your faves a run for their money. They primarily have an offering of liquid matte lipsticks which:

✔Stay all day
✔Do not crack
✔Smudge free
✔Matte but not drying on the lips

Of course, these could be mere claims right! Well, I have tested them out and my experience was nothing short of a shock.

If you are an avid liquid matte lipstick wearer you know it’s always a good idea to use a moisturizing balm before application without fail. Hues & Tones founders encourage this as well because this provides a soft, clean and smooth base for your lipstick application and it also ensures comfortable wear.

I tried their two latest additions and here is all the tea.

Lit will definitely ensure you have a lit Summer with its brightness. It is definitely the brightest lippie I own which seems to have traces of fuchsia, magenta and purple in it – which makes it a perfectly bright and lively summer color.

Sunset is more of a toned down mixture of browns, burnt orange, and coral, just the perfect shade for Spring/Summer. Funny story – the day before I received these, I had been sharing with a colleague how I was craving a coral/orange-ish lipstick. Talk about putting things into the atmosphere.

Both lipsticks live up to the brand’s claims:

  • I found that if I stayed away from greasy foods and also if I applied two layers of the lipstick (which is the max amount of layers advised) it definitely lasted all day.
  • Cracking or flacking will only haunt you if you do not moisturize your lips before you apply the lipstick.
  • If you ensure the lipstick has completely dried before you go on to stuff your face lol it really will not transfer but it does tend to leave a bit of a very light stain on straws if you happen to drink juice.
  • Once applied it is completely matte and the formula surely does not dry your lips.
  • When it comes to being waterproof, they totally did the damn things here! When I swatched the lipsticks I went on to wash off after it had dried up and it proved to be a real struggle. I ended up using my Clinique Take The Day off cleansing balm to break down the lipstick in order for me to wash/wipe it off easily. The few times I have worn the lipsticks, I either use the same cleansing balm or the Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes. I literally have to go over and over and over again with the wipes.


So YES I would recommend these not only for their longevity but the whole experience with these lipsticks was quite satisfactory.

If you are more of a vibrant person and a lover of life and all things color LIT is definitely for you and if like myself you are more of a toned down, with an internally vibrant personality, SUNSET is your portion.

Side Note: You might want to keep your eyes on my Instagram and Youtube Channel to see how the lipsticks apply and hold up.

Love and Light


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