How Important is Taking Some Time off Work?

I have been in the professional workspace since I was 21 and since then I have always been the girl who has a side hustle. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I cannot solely depend on my monthly salary but I also haven’t gathered enough guts to solely pursue entrepreneurship. As you can assume, this can be very tiresome.

Fatigue definitely hits and I find that I cannot give off my best at work, neither can I push my side passions. At these times I know I need a break.

A break does not necessarily mean taking the vacation of our life like “everyone” on Instagram does. Taking a break could be just a few days at home, a few days in a different city within your country of residence or my personal favourite, a few days in an Airbnb. What’s important is that you unplug and focus on you for a few days. This always makes a big difference in my productivity and my overall mood.

There is a virtue in work and there is a virtue in rest, use both and overlook neither.

-Alan Cohen

As we are getting close to mid-year, I hope you have been taking time to switch off and take care of yourself. If you haven’t or if you need some time out this is the best time to go around South Africa. Due to the cold weather, most places will be reasonably priced.

If you decide to take a break after this post you can use this link, for Airbnb and you will get R600 off of your first booking.

Happy self care!

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