A work space that keeps you productive is vital whether you work from home or the office. I have been working from home for almost a year now and as much as I have it figured out now, the first days were a struggle. I can imagine how it is for the people who have had to work from home during this period due to the corona virus.

It is a bit difficult to adjust but it is completely doable. I have a thread that I have made on twitter which can be helpful here.

Here is how I make sure I am able to stay focused on my work throughout the day.

Keep Everything Minimal

The state of your work space can affect your productivity. I keep my desk clean and tidy and generally minimal so that I have enough space to move things around if I happen to be using notebooks and my planner. If not, the empty space allows me to be creative with my work space.

Comfortable Chair

Aesthetics are everything in this Instagram age but comfort is key especially when you are working. If your chair isn’t comfortable enough for you, you can add a cushion or a throw for your comfort. Do your back a favor and seat on a chair with a back, not a stool.

Replicate Your Work Desk

Familiarity has its pros and cons. In this case, creating a familiar environment will get your mind in work mode easily.

To see my comfortable, cozy work space you can head over to my YouTube channel here.

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