Planning your Outfits for Work

Planning work outfits can be such a mission but it doesn’t have to be. People like Steve Jobs understood the importance of time and decided clothes wouldn’t have to be a part of his morning problems because productivity matters the most.

I plan my outfits for the week every Sunday and this makes my mornings much easier with one less thing to worry about. Sometimes when I am really feeling extra I even take a weekend to take photographs of all my clothes and I pair them up on keynote (This is taxing, you don’t need to do that) in preparation for the week.

I am not as extra as color coordinating my weekly looks but that’s not to say that if you do this you are wrong. We all have a formula that works for each of us.

What I Have Found Most Effective

  1. Plan your daily outfits weekly which I have been doing for a while now. We plan almost every aspect of our lives so why not our workwear? Make an effort to do it on a specific day like most of us do with meal preps and out daily schedules, and in no time (21 days to be precise) it will become a habit.
  2. Wear the same outfit every day. This basically means that like Steve Jobs you have to come up with a look that is the most suitable for your work environment and is comfortable enough for you and you purchase a few of the same pieces. He believed that this saved him some time in the morning which he channeled towards growing his empire. I mean we all know of Apple products so you might just want to give it a try.

If you are not using any of the two methods above please share how you are simplifying your mornings in the getting dressed department.

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