Instagram Guide and How to Use Them

Instagram has been working overtime to keep us on their app with every new feature release. With the release of reels, we saw a change in the algorithm, and personally, at this point, I couldn’t care less about the number of likes my posts get as long as I still produce great content. Over time, I warmed up to the idea of posting reels once in a while. If you do make use of reels you’ll see a spike in engagement. It’s just not possible to post a few reels a day or a reel a day because video editing isn’t child’s play.

Anyway, about a week ago, they gave us anew feature, Guides which you can use as a way to group recommendations for your audience. Travel Influencers can group favorite destinations, restaurants, or travel experiences in a guide while Beauty and Fashion Influencers can group their fave products or brands as well. If your audience has always asked you for tips or specific things you have already shared on your feed, you can also use guides to group this information together and make it easier for them to access.

Whatever your niche, IG Guides are meant to help you re-purpose your work and group it into sections that make it easier for your followers to find out the information they usually ask you about as I have used it here. I created a mini get to know me.

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