How to Use Reels to Increase Engagement

Video content is on the rise and there is no denying that. If you decide to fight it, you are the one at a loss.

Social platforms are constantly evolving and Instagram is definitely one of the apps in the forefront of change and innovation. Although change is good, when it comes to Instagram, each time they introduce a new feature the algorithm seems to turn its back on creators and that makes it very difficult for creators to do what they do best because the adjustments aren’t always easy and usually by the time you think you’ve got it, something new is introduced and the cycle goes on and on and on.

The past few weeks I’ve been a little MIA on my Instagram account because I was taking time to get back into the flow of work since the festive season had me way more relaxed than I expected. Anyway, as I prepared to get back to posting and engaging with my audience on a regular I took some time to figure out how to effectively use reels for growth and engagement.

Since the introduction of reels, engagement on static posts, IGTV and videos on the app dropped and this is a result of Instagram trying to encourage their users to create more reels. It’s advisable to post at least 3 /4 reels a week to keep and increase engagement on your account. Also, stick to your niche or at least have a targeted niche for your reels alone because that will result in you attracting a specific audience which is always what you want. People will always see you as an authority of that specific niche. In doing so, don’t forget to interact with other peoples’ content.

Also, as much as reels are currently drawing in new followers and engagement always remember that when it comes to Instagram, the use of every one of their features counts towards your overall engagement.

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