How to Stay Consistent on Instagram

I first posted this as a guest blog post here.

I thought it a good idea to share it with you here on my blog since the questions still come through in my Instagram DM.

Over the past few months, I’ve had numerous people sliding into my DM asking me how I manage to stay consistent in creating content for all my platform. I could give you some profound, deep words to motivate you but I am going to keep this simple and straightforward because there isn’t really much to how I manage to do it. I am human just like you but I have just mastered a few things that help me stay on top of my content game.

I am not superwoman. I am just a determined woman.


The things that are unique to you are the same things that draw people to you. They are the same things that make you stand out and this is the goal as a content creator. Okay, I am going to go a little deep- Connect with your spirit, know yourself beyond the things that the world knows about you. You need to spend time alone, get to know yourself without other people around. Take yourself out on dates, take solo trips and have some quiet times where you allow yourself to connect to the deeper you. Many times I have posted pictures of myself on a date or at an AirBnB for just a day or two and some people take that as being lonely not knowing that’s how I center myself. By the time I get back into the world, nothing can waver me. Every piece of content you work on will reflect exactly who you are.


Confidence comes from being knowledgeable. Have conviction when you create and share your work. Believe in what you are creating and giving to the world


Watch the work of those within your niche or a complementary niche. Do not copy, just use their work as inspiration. Everything we do in the world has been done already. Your job is to do it with a touch of you. Make use of Pinterest boards, YouTube Playlists and the Instagram Save option to store ideas of pictures or video content that gets your creative juices flowing

Create and Schedule

Noone feels like creating content every single day. That’s a fact. When you do feel like creating, create as much as you can and schedule your work so that on the days that you don’t feel creative you have work to push out. Also remember that the more you do something the less time it will take you to do the same thing in the long run.

This is how it works for me. It might not necessarily work the same for you but it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

How have you been managing to create content for your social platforms? If you are not managing, have you taken the time to identify what could be the problem?

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