How to Secure the Bag as a Freelancer

It’s been five months since I took up freelancing on a fulltime basis and the journey has had its ups and downs but by grace, I have managed to stay afloat.

When I had a steady income I could afford not to look for my next client because I knew that at the end of each month I would still get money in the bank. But, now it’s a whole different ball game.

Because of some unknown reason, when it comes to freelancing, many people are reluctant to pay you what you are worth so I decided to share some secrets I have used to negate the thoughts of going back to an 8-5.

Define Who Your Client Is

Knowing the exact person or brand that you want to service will not only make your workload lighter but it will make it easy for your clients to find you.

Whether it’s in content creation or social media management, I have only ever worked with brands that are well aligned with what I stand for and who I have always envisioned my client to be. From the time I started blogging/Instagramming, I have always been about elegant, classy, minimalistic fashion and beauty so it only made sense for me to service the same kind of brands.

My personal brand sets the tone of who and what I am about and because that is very clear across all my social platforms, brands that feel that we are aligned always reach out. Initially, I reached out to my clients but, most have reached out to me because they felt I would seamlessly fit into their team after they had come across my social media.

Get out of Bed and Work

No matter how much you dislike corporate, we can all agree that a steady income is life. You can fake sickness and still get your salary at the end of the month, lol. Sadly as a freelancer, you will only make money when you have put in the work. Discipline and dedication should be second nature. On my YouTube channel, I have a playlist of motivational videos that keep me on the right track, it might help you too.

You are under no obligation to work from home, lest you find yourself in bed more times than you are working. There are a lot of coffee shops slow lounges and Starbucks which are a google search away. Make use of those and stay on top of your workload.

Always Sign a Contract

I honestly can’t stress this enough. I have become the go-to person for my friends whenever they have jobs (professional or creative) they are considering taking up. I am that girl who stresses about contracts and your coins. Contracts will save you from a lot of drama and stress.

You need to get it, read through it and understand it. If something doesn’t make sense seek the help of your Lawyer or Lawyer friends if you have any otherwise you can seek the help of any of your friends or family that you trust. You can also just ask for clarity from the party you are getting into the contract with.

This one thing will help you understand the terms of expected deliverables, when you are expected to produce the required work, which social platforms you will be utilizing for each deliverable, how much you will be paid and when you will get paid.

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