How to Motivate Yourself When You Feel Off

We all have days when we don’t feel like doing anything. I sure have had a few this year alone. As a Blogger/Content Creator/Influencer it’s inevitable to have a day or a few of them that you don’t feel like yourself. Heck, anyone in any profession can have off days. I refuse to believe that our bodies are made to just work, work, work.

Whenever I have off days it’s usually a result of exhaustion so over the past year I made it a point to come up with ways to tame my workaholic behavior. In this post, I am sharing my fool proof ways to get back on your productivity track in no time.

Take a Day Off

It’s funny that my first solution is to take a day off but, it is definitely necessary. Our generation is constantly working, racing to attain a certain lifestyle and achieve specific goals and we forget how importation it is to rest and reset. The more exhausted you are , the less productive you are so the more rest you get, the better you perform. I recently shared an incident that landed me in hospital here. You don’t want to be like me. Your health is more important than work and you really need to prioritize your well being before anything else.

If you don’t prioritize your health, sooner or later, you will crush and all you have worked for will come to a halt.

Have a Routine & Be Disciplined

Being disciplined has changed the game for me. Without discipline, having a routine won’t help you in any way. Having a daily routine is one of the ways I manage to stay consistent (my IG family even calls me, Consistent Queen, lol) and manage to always show up for my audience. I specifically have a morning routine that I do not deviate from unless I’m not feeling well.

How any of us start our day definitely determines how it progresses. So, the aim is to have a powerful start to your day, a well planned to do list and a mindset of success from the time you wake up. Having a well thought out routine that fits your lifestyle will ensure that you stay on top of all your tasks and in turn you will be productive.

Do the Things You Love

I normally watch the Fashion Bloggers channel on YouTube because that’s where my love for Fashion Blogging started. On other days I wake up and dress up because something about dressing up in my favorite clothes makes me feel like I can over come anything. If reading is your thing, spend your time reading. Try listening to motivational content and before you know it, you will be back to normal.

Personally, I listen to Supersoul podcast and I watch the Grace for Purpose YouTube Channel to uplift my spirit and realign.

2 thoughts on “How to Motivate Yourself When You Feel Off”

  1. “Grace for purpose” is one of my favorite YT channels! Thanks for the article, I resonated with the “have a routine and be disciplined” point

    1. Dude, that channel has seen me through some tough times 🙂 Routines really make it so easy to stay on track hey and yes of course, discipline is a MUST!

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