How to Be Consistent With Your Content in 2021

I am almost certain that the one thing all content creators/Influencers have in common is the struggle to stay consistent. I have previously shared consistency tips in this post. In this one, I will be sharing more tips and if you use the tips in the two posts simultaneously you will be able to beat inconsistency.

Batch Create

If I’ve learnt anything in my five years of blogging, its batch creating content. It saves you time and unnecessary pressure and stress. Unlike shooting everything on the day it’s supposed to be posted, try and come up with a day(s) where you can create all your content, edit and schedule to free up some time. You can read all about content calendars and scheduling of content here.

Repeat What Works

We all have an idea of the type of content we would like to create and the specific niche we would like to service but ultimately the audience you attract also directs your creative work so once you notice the kinds of posts they respond to, you should create more of that. That will increase your engagement which will make your media kit attractive to prospective clients for collaborations.

Define Consistency for Yourself

A lot of us seem to believe that consistency is tied to a specific day of the week which is false. Especially considering the IG algorithm has been doing the most of late. Instead of posting on a specific day alone, you can make a mental note to post a specific number of times in a day/week/month. Make use of scheduling apps like Planoly, Unun or Later to make sure you don’t fall off your game.

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