Hello, Hi, I am Vanessa.

Stepping into unfamiliar territory is always somewhat scary but I have never been one to back down because of fear of the unknown.

I remember when I first decided to start this blog, I was very happy and scared. I wondered if anyone would pay attention to my blog at all, I doubted my capability to give fashion advice but I went on to start anyway. As much as I was in doubt, putting myself under pressure, I didn’t let any of those feelings stop me.

That ability to follow my heart and go after the things I love and believe in is a character trait that I really love and appreciate. That, “I will do it anyway” attitude is the reason why four years down the line I am still blogging and expanding while some of the people I started on this journey with have let their sites go stale.

Over the years, I have become more consumed in creating Instagram and YouTube content which made me forget about my first love- writing. But I have found my mojo again and I vow to strike a balance on all platforms.

Sometime last year I rebranded from misnessah.com to vchilimanzi.com and it was then when I realized I had taken my craft seriously. I had never felt so good about attaching my name to something before that very day. I even got my first paid brand deal then. And from there, I looked at my work in a different light.

Since the inception of this blog which basically marks my first serious online presence I have learnt a lot in the Fashion Industry, as well as the Influencer/Blogger/ Social Media sphere and from here on I will be sharing my knowledge and xperience here in the hope that it helps you grow and learn from my mistakes.

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