Getting A/W Ready | Two Ways to Wear Your Leggings and Boots

As the temperature drop, there is need to keep warm. This definitely calls for a change of wardrobe staples.  I have been finding it difficult to transition because I wasn’t mentally ready for the change even though we are going into my fave seasons. As you all start going shopping I hope you remember not to splurge and actually shop for pieces you can wear multiple times and always build up your outfits from your basics.

Leggings/dark colored skinny jeans being a wardrobe basic you can pair them with a number of pieces and I have two looks showing how you can brave the cold months stylishly. You can get away with the leggings in autumn but in winter you better make sure you wear really warm socks under those boots/ jeans or two pairs of legging. Yes two pairs!

As much as we all basically rock leggings during these cold months I think we can agree that as simple as it may be to put together anything with leggings sometimes this can be a challenging look to pull off so I have a few pointers to help us with our slay game for the next couple of months.

  1. If you are wearing a thin pair of leggings you have to pair it with a jersey, coat or a warm enough top that does not show your panty to the world. Not to mention the cold you will be subjecting yourself to. Nobody has time to endure that.
  2. In order to show off your layers, wear a warm pair of leggings, a top that hits a little below the waist and a jacket that hits the waist and for a very cold day add a chunky scarf for warmth and texture.
  3. If you are going to pair your leggings with a long jersey-dress make sure it does not go all the way down to meet with your boots or cover your boots. Tuck it in a little either in the front or by the side for a little structure and personality.

Stay warm and fab!


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