How to Organize and Plan Blog Posts/Youtube Videos (FREE 8 Page Blog Planner)

Blog Planners have existed for years and with 2018 coming to an end, planning for the year ahead should be number one priority. I am pretty sure many of you are jotting down your new year’s resolutions. I still don’t understand why we do this because by the time we get to March no one will be following up on their goals and dreams. I have been this person before but then I resorted to breaking down my (blog) goals into a more practical easier to execute way. Instead of having my goals and expectations of myself on a list I never bothered to look at I came up with a way to plan better and I have been using this “system” for the past year and my blogging pattern did somehow change to the more consistent side despite the books and work I have to juggle while trying to grow this blog.

I came up with this planner to help you plan your Blog/YouTube posts and filming because I was having such a challenge with consistency. I figured many others are probably facing the same challenge so I started working on the amazing designs. Below I am going to explain how you can use each page.


The cover page has the year and a unique design that best suits your style and preference. I specifically came up with 7(seven) designs and the collection will grow as we go on and grow. For now you can choose and download one here.



Instead of writing all of your ideas in different notebooks, you have a page where you can jot down all of the ideas that pop up while you are going on with your day. Personally, this has made it easy for me to keep track of all my posts and prevents me from repeating the same posts over and over again hence producing consitent stellar content.



On this page, you can write down all your notes and research (things you are supposed to mention in your youtube video or keynote points not to be missed in your blog post). With regards to research, if your blog post/youtube video idea came up as a result of watching certain youtube videos or reading other people’s blog posts you can write down the name of the site/youtuber and the title of the post for reference sake. This will make it easier for you to remember what to say or write in your posts.

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The Editorial Calendar is meant to help you with time management. For people like myself who are switching between, blogger, employee, and student it is very difficult to manage time so this can make life easier for you if you practice discipline. You simply schedule what to do each day, whether you are filming, researching, posting or doing a photo shoot. We all know in the social media game consistency is everything. It is just as important to produce quality content but what you need most is to stay relevant so scheduling and staying ahead of the game with this editorial calendar will put you a notch above the rest.



This might just be the most difficult part of it all but it’s much easier to plan monthly than to have a list of “new year’s” resolutions which most of us end up not looking at because it’s overwhelming. Setting ‘bite” size goals for each month will not only be less intimidating but it will also make it easier for you to execute without juggling too many things.


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