Fabulous You Beauty | Review

Fabulous You Beauty is a spa located in the lavish Fourways area in Johannesburg.

Lucky me, I got to spend a few hours getting pampered and now I get to tell you about it and help you decide if it’s worth your coin or not.

Here it goes…

For the past four years, I have had my nails done by the same nail technician in Bloemfontein every 3/4 weeks. I have never ever let anyone else touch my nails because I am loyal like that and I generally appreciate good service and my nail tech has never disappointed me on that front.

I am sure right about now you are wondering why I am writing about an experience at Fabulous You Beauty if my regular nail tech is as great as I say he is. The answer is simple, Fabulous You Beauty gave better service but even before I experienced the service, their setup drew me in, it’s very relaxing and quite inviting and so me.

I had a full body massage appointment for 12:00 and your girl being the time conscious person she is, she arrived 10 minutes before her appointment and this gave me enough time to get changed as well as prop my camera for the IG video you will be seeing on my Instagram next week. Need I say, I had the most relaxing massage of my life.

When it came to my pedicure, oh my! A Queen’t treatment I tell you! The gentleness and beautiful music in the background, and the quietness of the place really had my heart.

Service & Experience

Upon arrival, I was welcomed by one of the ladies who accompanied me to the back of the property where this beautiful serene beautique is situated. Though my regular nail tech is amazing, he has never offered me a drink lol. I was presented with a selection of juice, coffee, water, and champagne. I will leave it to you to guess what I chose darling.

From the time I walked in, to the time I left all I saw were smiles and everyone was in high spirits. It’s quite infectious. Imagine paying them a visit on one of those days when you feel low (we all have those days) you will definitely go back home in a better mood.

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I hadn’t gone for a massage in a while so this was long overdue. From the time I laid down and relaxed to the time I got off the bed, my body was so relaxed and not a single moment did I feel uncomfortable during my massage. The masseuse was so gentle but very effective. She respected the fact that I was filming and gave me some time to record before and after the massage and I went for a chill session outside before I was offered a free pedicure by the owner. This is not an everyday thing, so do not make your way there expecting a freebie lol. There are loyalty cards which you can make use of in order for you to get discounts.

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I had a five star experience on a basic airbnb budget. There is really no need to be found in Braam or Randburg when you can get a better service and experience at the same price. I would recommend this fabulous beautique to anyone who like me likes to get value for their money and values having the best experience even if it’s just getting your nails done.

For those who are constantly on Instagram like me, the place has some really cute Instagram-able locations and lots of light for those well lit pics for the gram. WiFi is provided so you can instantly share your experience and new nails provided you manage to make a choice because they have a wide array of colors to choose from.

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