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Since we spend the most part of our days at work it is imperative that the environment we work in isn’t toxic in order to maintain peak performance.

If you are blessed to work for an organization like the one I work for you get a gym to relief stress, a gaming room to relax your mind when the workload is burying you, breakfast and lunch so that you don’t worry about what you will be eating while at work. And occasionally you have massages and manicures and pedicures. All this makes it easier to cope with demanding workloads.

Not many companies can afford to provide all these things for their employees so it is left up to you to make yours and your colleagues’ work environment bearable.

Things You Shouldn’t Do at Work

  • Making your colleagues look bad won’t make you shine. To impress those higher up the ladder, do your job, and show up in excellence. Don’t try to seek favour from your immediate managers and supervisors by putting others down.
  • Be modest. Granted, it’s okay to be proud of your achievements, don’t brag about previous achievements, your level of education or previous companies you have worked at. You are all at this particular organization to achieve the same goal for the organization. Feel free to note previous achievements in your CV when applying for a post within or outside the organization.
  • Keep your cell phone usage to a minimum. The organization that has you on their pay role is essentially buying your time from 8 am to 5 pm and that time should not be misused. You can check your Instagram and laugh with the tweeps during your breaks which should be adhered to.
  • Stay away from office gossip. In some instances, you may not go looking for gossip but John and Sally might just stop by your desk and start talking about someone or something. Don’t be involved. Do not say a word. Not even a “yeah.” In most companies gossiping is a dismissable offence. If something bothers you about a colleague or a manager, HR should be your first stop.
  • Pick your battles. You don’t want to be known as the person who is constantly griping colleagues (it’s exhausting). However, it’s acceptable to occasionally express your displeasure with the manner in which certain situations are handled. No organization can please everyone and you need to come to terms with that.

Whether you are walking into a working environment for the first time or you just moved to a new organization you need to keep the above in mind. Also, use the first few days at your new job to analyze and observe your colleagues and get an understanding of what is acceptable around the office in terms of dress code, language and overall code of conduct. Chat to your new manager to get clarity.

Have you had an experience with any of the above? Please share below.

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