Day to Night Spring Summer Look

As we transition into Spring and the weather gets confusing I can only imagine how difficult it is to plan your outfits. Later on, plan an outfit that can take you from day to night without much effort. Girrrrrl! It really is a struggle but, it can be done. By now you all know I am an advocate for clothes that are versatile because there is no use in having a closet full of clothes when you don’t get maximum use out of them. Nobody has time for that!

With this look, you need not change much. A simple change of shoes and a backpack swop for a small sling bag, voila! you own the night.

Basics are always a good start for all your outfits. If you are not familiar with your wardrobe basics, here I talk about the essential basics for your wardrobe.

For your afternoon look, sneakers make it easy for you to get around and the backpack doesn’t only give the outfit an edge but it has personality and is big enough to carry as much as you would like as you get to do your errands.

Heels do not only add height but they come with a certain level of sass and sexiness that any female could use. Because you are probably having a catch-up session with friends, dinner alone or with a loved one there is no need to carry your whole life with you so a small bag with a top handle for easy carrying works perfectly!

Pictures by Sean

Love and Light


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