Cute, Comfy, Luxurious Pyjamas

I love wearing a cute pyjama set to bed. I’m someone who takes her personal style seriously, even when I go to sleep.

I had been wanting this set for a while but could never find it at a reasonable price. I had always wanted a white set so when I came across these I knew I was getting a pair right away. The colour wasn’t even up for debate because white is my favourite colour and there is something so peaceful about sleeping in white. Whether it’s bedding or pyjamas, white is so calming.

I don’t usually get 8 hours of sleep due to personal commitments but one thing I have always made sure of is that I feel great in whatever I wear to bed. Usually, that’s a pair of cotton pyjama shorts with a matching top but nevertheless, they are always cute and comfy. After seeing my faves, Mattie, Edwige and Sarah looking so luxe in these, I honestly had to get my hands on them and there are no regrets here. I will probably attempt to style them because I can see myself wearing the pants out with different types of tops.

A year of this pandemic has also made me realize how important self care is. Believe me, sleeping in cute, comfy pajamas is a part of my self care.

Purchase this set here.

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