Clinique Take the Day Off Cleaning balm has been a part of my skin care routine since 2017 so this review is long overdue but my Instagram has well documented my thoughts of this cleanser.

Evenings are really a time to relax after a long day at work so the less “work” at evening time the better. No one wants to spend most of their time ridding their face of the makeup we wear all day all.

The product is a thick white consistency which turns into an oily when applied to the face. You would assume that it leaves your face greasy but it really breaks down the makeup and leaves the skin well moisturized and clean. The fact that it is not scented is a plus. That makes it easy to use around the eye area without fear of imminent irritation.

Despite the fact that you have to dig into the tub with your fingers, this
125ml tub will take you far because you really don’t need a lot to get the job done. Along with that the glossy silver lid and purple container the packaging looks luxuriously beautiful.

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