Bright Colors, Neutrals and Nudes for Winter?

Gone are the days when we were all governed by Fashion “rules.” The millennials (like I am an exclusion of this generation Y) have helped us realize that we are free to be ourselves and express ourselves no matter the occasion or season. I tell you, millennials could rock a full-length winter coat in the middle of summer and that would totally make sense because fashion is a way of expressing oneself and there is no right or wrong way of doing so.

Over the years, winter has always been associated with the darker color palette, however, this winter you will find that you are free to flee from the usual grungy greys and blacks and incorporate your personal touch in the form of style and color. I have put together some looks that you can rock to the office.


Are any 0f these appropriate for your work environment and would you rock them? If not, why not?

Stay Fab and Flawless.



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2 thoughts on “Bright Colors, Neutrals and Nudes for Winter?”

    1. And, I am only seeing this comment now. Thank you hey. I hear you guys actually never have winter. I might just move there for that. Joburg does not mess around during winter.

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