Blogmas #9 | A Solo Picnic

This shouldn’t be a surprise because by now we all know that I’m a fan of solo dates. I’ve heard that a lot of people feel uncomfortable going on a date alone, I loooove it. It gives me time to reflect and assess my life plan etc so I highly recommend spending some time alone from time to time. I find that each time I have these solo dates my mind is renewed and my spirit is uplifted and I’m overall a fun and happy person around others so I highly recommend having those solo dates to put yourself together whenever you feel out of touch or a little overwhelmed by life, work or ANYTHING AROUND YOU.

Anyway, since I never got to celebrate my birthday, I decided to have a solo picnic. It was super simple, nothing special but I had the time of my life, relaxing, listening to birds, and just being completely switched off from my normal routine.

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