Blogmas #12 | Dove Rich Nourishing Cream

Like I stated in this YouTube video, I am very loyal to brands and products that work for me and you will never catch me recommending a product I don’t believe in.

Dove is a brand I have always loved because of its understated nature and “luxury on a budget” aesthetic. Despite them getting a social media “beating” a few years ago, I am a true fan .

The one product I’ve used regularly over the years is the Dove beauty bar. I’m almost certain a lot of women have tried that beauty bar because my aunts and cousins are always talking about it. My face definitely appreciates it. At this point, if you haven’t tried it, you need to. ake my word.

I also really like their purely pampering body wash with coconut and jasmine. It smells like heaven and it’s definitely one of the best body washes I have used this far. It leaves my skin smooth and well nourished.

This nourishing cream is definitely an oldie but a goodie. I’m not quite sure but I believe it was released in 2016. I feel like I missed out on a good product for all these years simply because I’m not fussy about the body creams I use. I’ve literally been using the ones I receive in PR which include Nivea, Clere and a whole lot more.

Anyway, the dove rich nourishing cream is definitely, a good product for winter because it’s rich and thick. It still kind of works for me during this time but since I got it I rarely use it because thick creams tend to be better suited for the colder months of the year.

Since we are only left with a few months of summer, girl you better get yourself some of this cream for the colder months, It retails for R54.99 in Pick n Pay however I have also spotted it in other stores (Clicks) going for a little higher than that.

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