Blogmas #11 | Lingerie Letters| The Only Subscription Every Woman Needs

I’ve missed a few posts these past few days but I’m back! Okay, I don’t know how consistent I will be but the good thing is I’m plugging you today. I’m not a big fan of subscription boxes but this one is worth it.

I’ve always had a serious inexplicable obsession with lingerie since I was 25. I really don’t know why or how I came to be that obsessed with lingerie but every once in a while I go crazy shopping for lingerie and I try and make sure I wear a pair that makes me feel good daily.

For those of you on my Instagram then you know I am also all about self-care and I strongly believe that self-care shouldn’t only be reserved for Sunday evening only. I guess at 25, I wasn’t in the know of self-care but the fact that pretty underwear/lingerie made me feel good is telling of my underlying love for self-care and overall obsession with taking care of myself on a daily basis.

Anyway, fast forward to 2018, I came across Lingerie Letters which is South Africa’s first underwear Subscription Service that sends a pretty pair of panties discreetly to your doorstep every month and it was love at “fight sight”.

If you are not subscribed you might just want to do that now because they have some of the best panties I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Each month they have a pair of briefs and thongs so you can choose what you are more comfortable with or you can choose to receive both.

They currently have a Christmas giveaway on Instagram. You can keep reading for more information on their subscription service.


1 Knicker Every Month

Receive a Brief, a Thong or a Surprise Me

R249 per month

2 Knickers Every Month

Receive a matching Brief + Thong

R419 per month month

Opt-out anytime. There are no lock-ins or cancellation fees

Pay via Bank Debit Order or Cheque/Credit Card


Pre-paid 3 Month Knicker Gift Subscription

R709 (once-off payment)

Pre-paid 6 Month Knicker Gift Subscription

R1349 (once-off payment)

Gift Subscriptions auto-expire

Pay via EFT or Cheque/Credit Card


Customers can now also purchase a 3 Month or 6 Month Knicker Gift Subscription Voucher if they’re unsure of the recipient’s Size or preferred Style. They can also choose the date which they would like the Voucher to be emailed to the recipient. 

You are welcome to have a look at Our Story and How It Works again:



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