Being a Blogger | What You Think It Is vs What It Really Is

Hi Lovelies,

It’s been a while since I have been here. As always I kind of get lost in life sometimes but I am back and I have something to share with you all – bloggers, aspiring bloggers and anyone else interested in knowing what being a blogger really is all about.

A little background story...

Like any other profession, blogging is not always glitz and glam. Well, at least it isn’t that as you start out. I kind of thought that it would be once I got into it. I played myself!

I have been blogging for the past 2 and a half years and I have dealt with a lot!!! (such a mellenial statement haha)

Fatigue, waking up at odd hours to write proposals that get turned down while others just don’t get a response. I have always been a business savvy person but I have been through the most, however, I am still living and learning. I am not a well-established blogger but I have had my fair share of lessons as well as success. I have made friends with some of the most amazing souls in this world (Bloggers and YouTubers), I have worked with a few brands that love my work and I just got my first print publication as well as a major campaign with the brand, Miss Black Footwear this month. It took a whole 2 and a half years for all this to happen.

Now that you have an idea of my blogging journey let me give you the tea on blogging sis.

Bloggers are balling!



This is what a lot of people assume. Like any business, a lot of hard work, unnoticed hard work goes into blogging before one can start balling. My heart actually hurts but I also let out an internal laugh when I hear people talking about how their faves do not repeat clothes and they are living the life and all. The reality is, yes the more established bloggers who have been at it for years might be able to do that because they have brands knocking on their doors. If you are just starting out you will have no brand coming for you, no one sharing your work, therefore, you are just writing and sharing your work hoping that someone will stumble upon your site and like your work. You will send proposals and get no replies or be turned down time and time again. If you are not resilient or started blogging with the sole purpose of making money you can easily get discouraged. No business brings in returns immediately.

Blogging is so much fun

LMAO. Blogging is fun sometimes.

Darling, blogging is a whole business. Blogging is basically being an advertiser. If you are not business savvy, if you hate reading and researching just stay away and be a Slay Queen lol. If you decide to blog full time the pressure is even more and we all know the more work you have to deal with the less time you have to have fun.

Most bloggers especially here in Africa are either studying or working and we blog part time so imagine how much more work is required in order to actually attract the attention of specific brands. Once you have managed to get their attention there is more work to be done to stay relevant not to mention the content to be created, photo shoots to be done and meetings. What fun?

Privacy. For what and for who?

As an online personality, your online family basically gets to know almost everything about you unless you learn to curate your online presence pretty well (certain things need to stay private). People will go to great lengths to dig into your life. This can really take a toll on you. Trust me, despite the fact that we are living in a social media age we all still have a right to privacy and as a blogger, a vlogger especially you are opening up yourself to a lot of criticism and if you are not emotionally strong or do not have a strong sense of self or a strong support system you are bound to reach rock bottom in this world were mental illness, depression, and suicide is on the rise.

You might need to grow thick skin before you embark on this blogging journey.

Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. You will struggle to date (I will dish tea on this on my Instagram). You will struggle to keep a balanced lifestyle with your family and friends because once you are off the ground you will have events, photo shoots and campaigns to do during the time your family or friends are having a lunch or a trip somewhere. You will be emotionally drained by all the negative comments social media dishes even when you haven’t asked for them.

I had to make you realize it’s not all a glamorous lifestyle but it’s really not all gloomy!

FREEBIES are a real thing in the blogging streets. Even as a newbie blogger you might get some. That’s something to look forward to but remember you are not going to make bank with your first few posts and you might not even make money for the first few years. Will you still be able to do research, draft posts and put out work that no one might read?

Love and Light!


8 thoughts on “Being a Blogger | What You Think It Is vs What It Really Is”

    1. Hahaha, not at all hey. These streets are lonely and not easy to maneuver, people need to know the truth about blogging. Totally the opposite of slaying lol

  1. Babe, do you know how many times I have considered on just becoming a Slay Queen? But one thing that I have learned id that blogging isn’t as easy as just opening your laptop and start typing. It is more than that. Till this day I struggle to understand SEO. With that being said I also feel like I am not getting the views that I deserve on both my blogging and youtube channel.

    1. Hahha, say NO to Slay Queening boo. Sometimes it’s easier to get someone who can handle it for you while you try to figure it out with the SEO stuff hey and yes blogging is so not easy. It’s just social media that glamorizes it but it’s really a whole job hey.

    1. How is it going? Branding is such a challenge and I dread it whenever I have to rebrand one of my social platforms

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