5 Beauty Revolution Survival Tips | Prepare for Next Year

Beauty Revolution is where all our favourite YouTubers and beauty junkies were on the 6th and 7th of April. Whether you are a fan or not, there was no dodging the numerous posters that were making the rounds on our favourite social media personalities accounts and I am sure a lot of us were influenced into attendance. lol – I was.

This was the very first Beauty Festival in SA. Yes, first! So it was kind of a need to be there. And to make sure you are prepared for next year I have put together a to-do list but before that let me give you a glimpse of what the first edition of Beauty Revolution was like.

2019 Beauty Revolution Review

Being the time conscious person I am, I tried to be early but umm, that didn’t quite happen. I was only a few minutes The place was packed with every and any beauty brand you can think of. Brands we have all interacted with in our local department stores and drugstores with almost every station giving free makeovers. It was a mini heaven I tel you.

I was fortunate enough to attend as part of Media and this was my second event to attend as Media in one week. Your girl was flourishing haha. We had a very beautiful lounge with beautiful decorations by Lux, Shield and Ponds – talk about cute Instagramable backdrops. A constant flow of food and drinks, it was just perfect.

Downstairs where all the fun was happening there were food stalls, freebies, Instagramable stations, free makeovers, two stages were set up for masterclasses and we had music playing the whole time. As lovely as this was, the music seemed to interrupt the happenings of the day. With so many women in one place, excited about beauty product and our Social Media girl crushes the music would end up being “noise” in the background.

The whole setup really resembled the Beautycon we have witnessed via YouTube. Now, the tips to have you ready for next year’s edition of Beauty Revolution;

Zanele and I on the decks!!!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

While this goes without saying, comfortable shoes are a must at any festival, and Beauty Revolution is no different. Leave the stilletos at home, and opt for a comfortable pair of sneakers instead. If you have to wear your heels make sure it’s a block heels. There is a lot of walking to be done so your feet will thank you. I wore block heels but I still chaned int flats towards the end of the day.

Get There Early

I don’t mean, be on time. Be there early.

There will be some of the biggest names in the Beauty Industry. Imagine, the faces you see on YouTube right in front of you. Your favourite Beauty YouTubers, Bloggers and Influencers and their fans — expected to attend, it gets crowded. Getting there early ensures you’ll get a peek at the people you’re there to see, as well as first dibs on the many, many samples and freebies. You really can’t lose out on the freebies 🙂

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Power Bank

You are going to be super active on your phone all day. You wouldn’t want to miss an Instagramable picture due to a flat battery. If you have to carry two, go ahead and do that boo.

Network Network Network

As many of you are probably really interested in beauty this is the best time to approach those brands that you have always admired online and you can pitch yourself to them in person-be subtle about it. Have your business cards ready for distribution and don’t be shy to be the first to whip out your phone to follow other Bloggers, YouTubers or Influencers. It’s the perfect opportunity to grow your following. You are welcome.

Have A Blast!

It’s rare to get together with thousands of other beauty junkies and bond over your shared love of eyeshadow palettes, Youtubers and glitter so soak up every second of it!

I hope we will be bumping into each other next year 🙂 If you attended this year please share your experience. Will you be going next year?

Stay Fab and Stylish.


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