Beauty Is Within

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain, children, all our lives

-Albert Einstein

I look at this quote often and think about what Einstein was trying to say. What is the true message behind these words?

Beauty has always been something I loved with all my heart. Even as a child I would steal my mum’s lipstick to wear when going to the movies with my friend. I would save my pocket money and go buy myself a cute lip gloss (literally the only cosmetic I was allowed to wear as a kid). For me it felt good putting on lipstick and at the most part, I felt so beautiful when I had a pop of red on my lips to match my crimson red top when going out. It felt like I was more connected to my inner feminine self. 

Over the years, trends in and around the topic of beauty have changed. I remember growing up, it was always the case of what kind of hair do big celebrities have on, what kind of lipstick they are wearing, what kind of makeup looks they had on. It was always about what others were doing and how we could mimic it. Now more so that we are living in the era of social media influencers, who give us insight on which product to use, where to get it, and what price.

Now back to Albert Einstein’s quote, ‘The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain, children, all our lives’. I ask again, what do you think these words really mean?

I have been subject to changing beauty routines, whether skincare, or makeup, based on what trend is hot, and to be quite honest, it has left me broke in most cases, frustrated and at times, not feeling beautiful at all because things just don’t suit me like they do the next person. Frustrating right? I would feel less beautiful because I couldn’t get the same results as the next person even though I am using the exact same skincare routine and we, at surface level, have the same skin type. 

I’ve since learned that the moment beauty feels like an outer experience in which you are influenced by what the next person does, it feels like such a chore. At some point, you feel like this whole beauty thing, this whole makeup and skincare thing is just out of your league and budget. That’s why it’s important that each and every woman learn that beauty is a personal journey that begins with self-love. It starts with going on a journey with ourselves, our skin, nails, and our body. To learn about ourselves and most importantly learn how to take care of ourselves, in all aspects. That’s when the perfect skincare routine will be developed to remove all that pigmentation, that’s when the perfect everyday makeup look will be developed because you understand your face and easily highlight those bomb features you have. 

Listen, I am not saying don’t listen to advice from others. But rather I am saying, use what you see from people as inspiration. I can sit here and tell you that a certain product is the best thing created, but it won’t necessarily be the best thing for you. Ladies, you are in charge of being the best version of yourself, you are in charge of taking care of yourself and making yourself look and feel beautiful. Don’t let different trends sway you from finding your ‘beauty’. Remember to be like a child in your endeavors to find a perfect beauty routine for you. You will only find it when you learn to love yourself and take care of the person you are.  

Most of my blog posts will be centered on that. And if you resonate with all my words, then let’s start this journey. Oh and by the way, my name is Laura, it’s a pleasure to meet you all.

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