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Welcome to my site, vchilimanzi.com. I am Vanessa – I am a Girlboss Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Here I share what I wear, beauty products I use, where I hang out, and what I get up to – life. If that’s your thing you will love it here.

I believe that everyone can be stylish with a little guidance so I show you how to dress like the rich housewife on a budget while you pave your way to being a business mogul or career boss babe. Here and there I share my knowledge of blogging and influencing to help aspiring Bloggers and Social Media Personalities.

Whether this is your first time visiting or you’re a regular, I can’t thank you enough for taking out the time to visit my online space.

Vanessa Chilimanzi

For collaborations, reviews and all things fashion, beauty and  lifestyle email: vanessa@vchilimanzi.com

Brands that I have worked with include:


Loreal Paris






Miss Black

Burt’s Bees


Call it Spring

TFG Group


Lingerie Letters


Riso Jeradi

Articles I wrote:

5 Ways To Stay Consistent With Content Creation

Wardrobe Essentials for The Corporate Girl

Matric Dance Tips


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    1. Heyy…I have a niece around that age as well and she also loves makeup:) I recommend lip gloss and maybe some mascara, and maybe a translucent powder. You wouldn’t want her to start having facial skin problems at her age. She has to grow up to a certain age. When she is mature enough to make the decision to start wearing full on makeup, then she can try foundations and all other pigmented products.

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