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Welcome to my site, vchilimanzi.com. I am Vanessa – I am a Girlboss Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Here I share what I wear, beauty products I use, where I hang out, what I eat and get up to – life. If that’s your thing you will love it here.

I believe that everyone can be stylish with a little guidance so I show you how to dress like the rich housewife on a budget while you pave your way to being a business mogul or career boss babe. Here and there I share my knowledge of blogging and influencing to help aspiring Bloggers and Social Media Personalities.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you stick around.


Vanessa Chilimanzi

For collaborations, reviews and all things fashion, beauty and  lifestyle email: vanessa@vchilimanzi.com

Brands that I have worked with include:

Loreal Paris




Miss Black

Burt’s Bees


Call it Spring

TFG Group


Lingerie Letters


Riso Jeradi

Articles I wrote:

5 Ways To Stay Consistent With Content Creation

Wardrobe Essentials for The Corporate Girl

Matric Dance Tips



Career Babe Everyday Look
South Africa Fashion Week 2019 (Media)
Product Placement
Brand Collaboration

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    1. Heyy…I have a niece around that age as well and she also loves makeup:) I recommend lip gloss and maybe some mascara, and maybe a translucent powder. You wouldn’t want her to start having facial skin problems at her age. She has to grow up to a certain age. When she is mature enough to make the decision to start wearing full on makeup, then she can try foundations and all other pigmented products.

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