A/W 2021 Shopping | Asos

I’m not sure about you but last year I never did any winter shopping because we were all confined to our homes. This year I decided to get some comfortable sweaters because my personal style took a very chilled turn. What hasn’t changed is my love for neutral tones. Everything I got this past weekend is neutral and basic because there is nothing better than a wardrobe of basics in my eyes.

I don’t know why no-one here ever tried to convince me to shop at Jam. We all know I am a loyal MrP customer but the prices I saw at Jam are exactly what my purse can accommodate frequently. The quality of the clothes, girrrrrl! We all know the struggle of shipping in international brands. Having to deal with customs after paying shipping fees- personally, I can’t deal with such. I don’t even remember the last time I made an international purchse but now that I know where to get Asos without any stress, Jam can take all my money.

I’ll be styling these on my Instagram, @vchilimanzi

2 thoughts on “A/W 2021 Shopping | Asos”

  1. I can’t wait to see they also need to make a young winter shopping i want to get some sweaters and track pants. This will be really helpful when you post on your IG or even here I will be on the lookout.

    1. I can’t wait to get styling. I’m actually in need of sweat pants as well hey, I didn’t see any when i got the sweaters 🙂

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