5 Ways to Lessen Your Worry

Hey you! This is to hoping that today you are not sitting in a pool of worry. Before we get into the how I want to remind you that you deserve to be happy and that duty does not lie in anyone else’ hands but yours. Do not fall into the trap I fell into many years ago where I thought my joy came from other people, men to be specific. Boy, did life show me the lie in that. You are your own light, radiate darling!

So in the last blog post (read here) we spoke about why we gravitate towards worry which later leads into anxiety. Today I bring solutions! So, shall we?

Calm Your Nervous System

the one thing that has absolutely worked for me is deep breathing, I often feel my heart start to beat a lot faster and shortness of breath when my worry/ anxiety is peak. So I sit back or lie on my back then I take deep breaths in and out. It is very relaxing and I can get back to work after.

The other solutions that are recommended are exercise, even if it is light exercise such as yoga. Once your muscle are relaxed, you yourself feel lighter on the inside. Meditation is another solution that many have sworn by, I personally haven’t tried it. Find your medicine and stick to it.

Embrace Uncertainty

we live in a world of uncertainty, every single thing is uncertain so embrace it. Did we ever imagine that the outside would be closed one day? Not I! But here we are, we have no control over what will happen in the next minute so let go of the worry.

Live in the Present

do not allow yourself to miss the present whilst trying to figure out the impossible. You have so much to be grateful for right now! I always advise people to try their best to jot down at least 3 things that they are grateful for each morning and again at night just before they sleep. When you adopt an attitude of gratitude then you are guaranteed to win!

Be Aware of Your Patterns

you know what triggers you and once you start to feel the worry coming on denounce the beliefs that it comes with. The trick with positive affirmations is not to include negative words so instead ‘I will not worry,’ say ‘I am calm, I am at peace, I am happy.’ This way you attract positive energy instead of dancing around the worry.

Face Your Fear Head-On

fear usually creeps in when you want to do something really big for yourself, whilst affirming yourself step right in and do what needs to be done. What is the worst that could happen? You fail? Then you learn from that first try and do it a second time, differently.You are guaranteed productivity and growth doing this compared to sitting and worrying.

I hope this has been helpful and that you will indeed try to practice the above. Until we meet next time, be kind to yourself and take it easy.


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