5 Simple Ways To Practice Daily Self-Care

The same way I don’t believe in sheets masks being a Sunday ritual, I’ve never really thought it healthy to only make time for a self-care session on Sunday evenings only. For a while now I’ve been incorporating self care in my daily routine and by the time I do an intense session on Sundays I’m not as exhausted and worn out physically and mentally.

Here are some self care practices you can incorporate into your daily routine;

Enjoy your favorite beverage

Taking the time to make your favorite hot beverage in the morning gets you into your daily routine and having the time to enjoy it while relaxing will ensure you have a good startt to your day.

Evening bath instead of a shower

I don’t know about you but showers just seem like something you take when you are in a rush to get out the house. An evening bath with some bath salts, a candle and your favorite playlist will get you so relaxed, you’ll have a peaceful night.

Journal for at least 10 minutes

Journaling is one of the most powerful self-reflection tools out there. It helps you understand yourself on a deeper level. Because, how can you care about someone you know nothing about? 

Besides the opportunity to buy a new cute journal, journaling brings benefits like reducing stress, boosting your mood, and strengthening memory function.

Take a workout class

When you exercise, your body releases Endorphins. Think of them as natural pain killers, mood boosters, and confidence builders. Happy hormones that also aid in boosting confidence.


Science has been saying over and over how praying and meditating can trigger the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain and lower our reactivity to negative events. When making the commitment to use a few minutes to connect yourself with something Greater, you apply the tools necessary to bring your body and mind to ease.

Prayer and meditation can make you feel grounded, getting a clearer perspective on life and yourself.

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