5 Reasons Why We Worry

As you are reading this I can bet that something is worrying you. You have sleepless nights over something that hasn’t happened because in your mind you keep playing the possible scenarios, each one is negative. This has to be the worst thing about anxiety, you start to feel the pain over things that might never happen.

On most days I am glad that people can not read my mind because I torture myself more than I should. I am my own prisoner, I often have to stop myself and remind myself that the energy I spend worrying is only wearing me out. A few weeks back, my body started to hurt, I had never ending headaches, my shoulders hurt and it was all because of anxiety. I started to ask myself why I do this.

I realized that there are 5 reasons why we think worry helps and the reason we make it a habit. Keep reading.

We Think Anxiety Is Awarding

We tell ourselves that if we paint negative scenarios we are in fact shielding ourselves from disappointment. We believe that the pain or the hurt will be less because we worried, yet it isn’t the case. The pain is the same, we have just prolonged it for no reason! And good things do happen to us, we are not doomed so happy thoughts could help.

We Think Worry Is the Equivalent of Care

It is important to know the difference between worrying and caring about the situation. Worry is extremely negative and leads to feelings of dread and anxiety. Care involves finding solutions for whatever the situation may be.

We Tell Ourselves That Worry Is Motivating

False! You are not productive when you are constantly worrying over something, if you look closely you have a lot of half done projects because your mind is not settled. When your worry turns into anxiety, you lose interest in the things that you usually enjoy.

We Think Worrying Brings Solutions

Cracking your head with worry is not going to bring you resolutions. Instead you are sinking yourself in a deep dark hole of sorrow. When I worry I find myself questioning my worth and whether I am destined to make it in this life. Please point me to the solution in my questioning! Yep, I thought so.

We Tell Ourselves Worrying Means Bad Things Won’t Surprise Us

At this point, I am convinced we enjoy putting ourselves through the worst, wow! If after the bad surprise that supposedly did not surprise you, you utter the words, ‘I can not believe that happened,’ you were surprised. 

I am absolutely guilty of some if not most of these things listed above. It goes back to looking at our belief system, why do we believe this? A part of me thinks we are afraid of good things happening to us more than we are afraid of bad things happening to us. If you want to change this with me, be sure to keep watch because in the next blog post we will be talking about how to worry less.


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  1. This is a great read opened my eyes and I realised I don’t need to be worrying myself all the time. Because at the end of the day I am weary and most certainly don’t want to be around people.

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