5 Networking Tips for Bloggers & YouTubes

Networking as a new Blogger/YouTuber can be an extreme sport. Even though I still consider myself a newbie, I have learnt to navigate the events and Blogger/YouTuber social gatherings better than I did in my blogging infancy.

Back then, I had no blogger friends or any fashion industry friends so you can imagine how I used to just rock up and feel so out of place every single time. I would dread sending an RSVP for an event but someone the love of things always had the best of me haha.

Over the past three years, I have learnt a few tricks and tips and I hope you will find them helpful.


When you introduce yourself to people you are meeting for the first time you need to make an impression. You don’t want to be forgettable. People with unique interesting names have a higher chance to be remembered easily unlike a Vanessa like myself. So, to evade this you have to state your first and last name. Your last name will set you apart.

Share Something Interesting

People always remember how you make them feel.

While you might not be able to do anything big to induce a feeling, sharing something interesting about yourself could spark interest and who knows you might find out you share interests with the next person. Also, pay attention while the other person is talking, pick up what they are saying and if you relate to what they are saying, say it and that’s how you will build a connection with someone.

Dress the Part

I take this part very seriously and I encourage you to do the same. If a dress code is provided, please, stick to it. If there isn’t a stipulated dress code, own your personal style and be well groomed. Don’t be the girl that will be well known for her the wrong reasons. You don’t have to go out and purchase new clothes for every event that you attend. Just take care of the ones you have already. Wash them, iron them and generally take good care of them and you will definitely always look good.

Business Cards

Business cards are a thing of the past but with the right information they are still very useful.

You need to make sure you have your social media handles for people to make contact with you after the event. You can exchange your Instagram handles and follow each other but after that, not many people even remember your handle. They will add to your numbers but they will add no value going forward. A business card will always be readily available with your information and if someone really wants to genuinely connect with you they will be able to do so.

Follow up & Follow Through

Now that you have made connections, collected a few business cards and you had a good time at the event. Once you have taken all that in, make it a priority to follow up with all the people that you feel you could either be good friends with or could build good working relationships with. If you guys shared a common interest in your conversation you might want to mention it. Best way to communicate with them here is via email. Keep everything professional until both of you have built a good friendship to take things to the DMs.

These tips have immensely helped me network better as a Blogger and I hope they will be as helpful to you.

3 thoughts on “5 Networking Tips for Bloggers & YouTubes”

  1. Awesome insights and great tips, If I may add also, taking genuine interest in other peoples work makes them value your work as well. So avoid talking so much about yourself but balance it out.

    1. Such a great advice. No one likes someone who talks about themself none stop so I definitely agree, showing genuine interest in other people’s work 💯

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