5 Apps You Need As A South African Influencer + FREE Download

There are essentially 5 apps that any Influencer needs in order to serve their audience with good quality and relevant content. I use these apps myself and I can safely say that they are game-changers. Before I started using these 5 apps my social media content was haphazard but, look at my content now.

When to post

When to post is a third-party app that you link to your Instagram account. Once you link it to your Instagram, it analyzes your content performance (engagement) and based on its findings the app comes up with 3 of the best times for you to put up your posts daily.


Unfold is an app that lays out Insta stories perfectly. It offers a variety of layouts (free and paid) that are already in the 9:6 Insta story layout which means you don’t have to adjust and resize pictures to look “perfect” for the gram.


UNUM is available on the App Store and I have been using it for two years now. The alternatives to this scheduling app are Later and Planoly. There are many other alternatives but these are the two I have used previously. The app allows you to put your pictures in a grid before posting to Instagram so that you have a feel of what your feed will look like on Instagram. You can also schedule reminders for individual posts so that the algorithm doesn’t forget about you during your busy day.


Lightroom is the app that has replaced Facetune for me. I can do almost everything from whitening my pictures to color manipulation on this one app. It also makes it very easy for its users to create presets that can be used over and over and over again.


This app is the easiest to use when it comes to video content for Instagram. You can definitely do all the basics of video editing including adding music to your videos.

Here is your FREE Instagram apps cheat sheet.

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