3 Types of Instagram Captions That Get You Engagement

When it comes to Instagram, engagement is gold and we would be lying if we said we didn’t care about those likes, comments and shares. Instagram as a whole is constantly changing for the better, however it also gets difficult to get maximum engagement each time something new comes up. In this post, I am sharing the types of posts that have proven to get more attention than the rest despite your niche.

There’s nothing worse than taking the “perfect” photo, editing it with your bomb Lightroom preset only to get 10 likes and 2 comments from your mama and your sister, *heartbreak*.

When I started researching for this blog post, I realized that I have been using these captions unknowingly and there is proof that they work so I will be including my Instagram posts for you to see.


Stunt captions are what Instagram dreams are made of so don’t be shy or embarrassed to use them.

This style of post is one that throws a punch line or a deep statement on your pic. Before you throw a stunting caption at your followers, you need to remember that you only stunt on your followers if you are ready to commit to it and own it even if they troll you. For this kind of post most people quote lines from popular songs or influential people to show off their “cool” side.

While in quarantine, I decided to be a cool Fashion Blogger and I posted the picture above with a fashion stunt line and the comments were incredible.


When it comes to sharing it can be in giving details on things you know they would appreciate or sharing something personal to let them into your life. An example of giving details would be tagging the store you bought your clothes from when you post an ootd. When sharing something personal please, have boundaries because people on the internet can easily dig up your past, so make sure when you share parts of your personal life you do not give too much information that you will regret.

In the post above I shared the struggles of being an Influencer. This is a topic that people know of but no one really talks about it. Sharing such content will make your audience build their trust in you and they will genuinely invest their time into your content.


Your story doesn’t have to be that deep but it should always be authentic for your audience relate and respond to it. A story type caption shows your followers that there’s more to what meets the eye.

Have you been using any of these and have you got receipts to show that they really work? Will you be trying them out?

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