Braving the cold | Coats for Winter

Braving the cold has never really been a struggle because we all know a pair of boots, leggings/jeans, and a warm coat does the trick, however when you are trying to change things up and not be too casual there are a few coats that could make it all easier and stylish at the same time. And it goes without say, you can always switch it up, dress them up or down according to your feels (millenials have recruited me lol)  and you will always have an ensemble that completely depicts your personal style appropriately.

For the office, it’s ideal to wear the short coats that hit you right on the waist or just below the waist. That way you create a balance between your skirt, dress or pants and your coat and both can be visible to show the full outfit


Mid-length coats are great and should be dominant in anyone’s closet because they work with almost any outfit you can think of except a dress or skirt that’s going to be longer than the coat itself. It just creates an imbalance but at the end of the day, you rock whatever floats your boat and gives you that extra boost of confidence.

My fave is the full-length coat. My Instagram surely bears witness to this. Besides the obvious reason of it being a banging winter wardrobe staple this coat just works with every look, you can think of and we all know versatility is always the point here. Look at this post for proof.

In addition to all the coats, one thing that has made it possible for me to combat the cold are these Miss Black Belle OTK Boots which have literally changed my life and my view of thigh high boots. See how I have been dressing them all winter long.

Stay Fab lovelies


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