Look Chic AF While on the go | Airport Ready

The era of fussy fancy airport dressing is behind us but it is still imperative that you put together an outfit that is equal parts comfortable and stylish. You are ensured to be ready for takeoff with no hustle.

Noone ever goes wrong with an all black look. This particular one is versatile (just like most of the outfits I share here because it’s important to have a functional wardrobe).

As you land you can rush to a lunch, fun afternoon of activities and swopping the sneakers for a pair of heels would make it chic and appropriate for a semi-formal lunch or dinner.

You are welcome!

Hat: Identity

Basic T-shirt: H&M

Jeans: Mr. Price

Sneakers: Cotton On

Coat: Zara

Handbag: Louis Vuitton (present)


Let me know if this is a look you would rock on the go 🙂

Stay fab and Flawless.


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3 thoughts on “Look Chic AF While on the go | Airport Ready”

  1. Dressing for the airport is difficult, i always wonder how to dress. Thank you for this. i feel i would look nice in a track suit, coat and sneakers, but huny your bag gives me life. please do more videos on You tube. we want to hear about your fashion adventures.

    1. That bag is life! Pray that I get rich and I will bless you with one lol…Tracksuits do look good when traveling as well and if I had to go that route, I would do a really comfortable. Floor length coats always!

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